Restore your colour

Restoring your original colour! For freshening up leather and camouflaging small scratches, damage and stains.

LCK® has a database that goes back 30 years with more then 20,000 colour samples. From our partner Ohmann we have most these leather samples in house. This allows us to create colour lotions with the original colour pigments. Virtually every colour can be produced according to a submitted colour sample. See down below for more information about leather samples.

Our colour lotions are water-based, partially transparent and are made with the original dyes and / or colour pigments of your leather. In addition to the colour lotion the colour repair set offers an intensive cleaner that’ll thoroughly clean the leather so it’ll be ready for painting. Simply pick the right leather and colour from the menu.


Keralux® colour lotion (250ml), Keralux® cleaner (250ml), sponge (1 piece), cloth (1 piece), manual

Delivery time:

10-12 business days

or with a sent sample: 10-15 working days

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am not sure whether a colour repair set is the right product for my situation.

Is there a stain in your leather, minor damage or are you unsure about the colour? Send us photo by mail and our leather experts will make a personal treatment plan for you. Fully customized and free of charge!

What are the requirements for a leather sample?

A sample has to be at least 1-4 centimeters (0,4-1,6 inches) long and can easily be cut off at the bottom of a piece of furniture, behind a closure or on the other side of a zipper.

Where do i sent my leather sample? (if needed)

You can sent a sample to our postal address, please check the contact page for more information. Do not forget to include your order number or a way of contacting you (e-mailadres or phone number). 

The cat has caused scratches on the leather, is the colour repair set a suitable solution for this problem?

A Keralux® colour repair set can be used to camouflage small scratches and minor damage. Send us a picture by e-mail with the mention of manufacturer, leather and colour (number). This way we can tell you for sure. 

Can a colour repair set be used for older leather?

Do you have an older leather couch or an older armchair and do you want to restore it? Consider adding Keralux® leather balm to your order. You use the leather balm a week in advance, before you colour the leather with the products in the colour repair set. After a week, the leather is nourished in such a way that it will absorb the colour pigments from the colour lotion in a more even matter. Not sure on how to do this? Please contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will gladly help you! Check out our contactpage for more information.

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